Im, Youngbin, et al

AMUSE: Empowering users for cost-aware offloading with throughput-delay tradeoffs

Mobile users face a tradeoff between cost, throughput, and delay in making their offloading decisions. To navigate this tradeoff, we propose AMUSE (Adaptive bandwidth Management through USer-Empowerment), a practical, costaware WiFi offloading system that takes into account a user's throughput-delay tradeoffs and cellular budget constraint. Based on predicted future usage and WiFi availability, AMUSE decides which applications to offload to what times of the day. To practically enforce the assigned rate of each TCP application, we introduce a receiver-side TCP bandwidth control algorithm that adjusts the rate by controlling the TCP advertisement window from the user side. We implement AMUSE on Windows 7 tablets and evaluate its effectiveness with 3G and WiFi usage data obtained from a trial with 25 mobile users. Our results show that AMUSE improves user utility.

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