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Finding your Way in the Fog: Towards a Comprehensive Definition of Fog Computing

The cloud is migrating to the edge of the network, where routers themselves may become the virtualisation infrastruc- ture, in an evolution labelled as “the fog”. However, many other complementary technologies are reaching a high level of maturity. Their interplay may dramatically shift the in- formation and communication technology landscape in the following years, bringing separate technologies into a com- mon ground. This paper offers a comprehensive definition of the fog, comprehending technologies as diverse as cloud, sensor networks, peer-to-peer networks, network virtualisa- tion functions or configuration management techniques. We highlight the main challenges faced by this potentially break- through technology amalgamation. Read More ›

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McKinsey report on IoT: The Internet of Things: Mapping the Value Beyond the Hype

Unlocking the potential of the Internet of Things Read More ›

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Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge

Calling all IoT Trailblazers! $250,000 in awards to jumpstart your venture! Read More ›

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Brillo Project, Google OS for IoT

Google announces its IoT operating system Read More ›

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Verizon releases The Internet of Things 2015 report

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to machine-to-machine (M2M) technology enabled by secure network connectivity and cloud infrastructure, to reliably transform data into useful information for people, businesses, and institutions. Read More ›

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FOG Networking for 5G and IoT

This year SECON will feature workshop on FOG Networking for 5G and IoT Read More ›

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First International 5G Summit takes place in Princeton

Took place in Princeton Read More ›

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First MOOC on FOG

Fog Networks and the Internet of Things Read More ›

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IoT: Out Of The Cloud & Into The Fog

Cloud computing architectures won't be able to handle the communication demands of the Internet of Things. The future is in fog computing. Read More ›

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Fog Computing Keeps Data Right Where The Internet Of Things Needs It

The growing pool of connected smart devices will be enabled through fog computing, not just the clou Read More ›